Sparking Young Minds: Cerro Gordo Clean Energy District Inspires at Children’s STEM Event!

April 17, 2024 NIACC

Cerro Gordo Clean Energy District recently participated in the 2024 North Iowa STEM Festival, a fantastic event designed to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in our community’s youth.

Our interactive booth was brimming with exciting activities that allowed children to explore the fascinating world of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Kids got hands-on with demonstrations showcasing the power of the sun and wind, learning how these natural resources can be harnessed to power our homes.

A big hit was our very own “energy wheel”! By cranking the wheel, children were able to generate electricity themselves, experiencing firsthand the connection between effort and energy production. This activity also served as a springboard to discuss the importance of energy efficiency, with a focus on the dramatic difference in power required by incandescent and LED lightbulbs.

The enthusiastic participation of the children was truly rewarding. It was a joy to witness their curiosity and understanding blossom as they explored the world of energy through these engaging activities.

We’re already brainstorming ways to expand our offerings and make our booth even more exciting and educational for next time.

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